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Poochd: The Pawfect Place
for You and Your Pup!

Quite simply, we’re all about the love of dogs. Their health, wellbeing, growth and love.

Here at Poochd we know that your furry friend is far more than just a pet; they’re a massive part of the family. But we also understand how tricky it can be to find everything you need to keep them happy and healthy. Where are the best local groomers? What’s the best food to buy? What if you need to go out for the day without them? It can all be more than a little daunting, especially if you’re a first time poochy parent!

Well that’s where Poochd comes in! Our website lists only the very best in “bone-fide” (pun intended) local businesses to help you care for your special friend. You’ll find everything you could possibly need, as well as reviews and links through to the businesses so you can make your booking. What could be easier?!

A Platform To Benefit
All Dogs Lovers!

As a dog owner, all you want is the very best for your pup. Whether it’s finding the right dog groomer or a local dog walker, you want to be able to find the service you’re looking for quickly and easily. Maybe you’re a business owner yourself, who is passionate about canine care and wants to connect with more dog owners. Well either way, this is where Poochd comes in!

So how are we different?

Because we cover all types of dog care, all in one place! It’s the only place where an entire community comes together and everything is in one place.

Our aim is to connect great dog owners with great businesses, giving your pooch the love and care they truly deserve.

Leaps and Bounds

Poochd is a pretty new company but we’re growing – and fast! This is because we’re passionate about getting as many local businesses on board as we possibly can to provide doggie mums and dads with a fast, reliable way to find every type of pet care they could possibly want, all in one place.

We never stand still either! Oh no. We constantly update our site with tips, advice and info because we know that loving a dog is amazing but it’s also a big commitment! So whether you need the best local vet you can find for routine check-ups and jabs, a willing walker for longer days at work or your mutt needs a cut, we’re here to make doggy ownership a breeze.

Sharing the Love Through Charity

The whole ethos behind Poochd is quite simply about a love for dogs. Big, small, pedigree, mixed… whoever they are and whatever they are – we love them all!

The Poochd website was born out of a strong desire to make sure every dog is given the very best life they can have. Not just dogs who are already lucky enough to have homes and families, but those who are still waiting for someone to love them as much as they deserve. That’s why we are committed to giving a percentage of our profits to a variety of dog related charities, from small local and independent charities and shelters to larger well-known names, we make sure we share our resources. It’s our duty, it’s what drives us.

Poochd is defined by love, and the single-minded desire to change the way the world looks after dogs. That’s why we always make sure we give something back.

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