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Poochd is quite simply all about dogs and their owners. We understand that when you take a new fur baby on in your life, there’s so much to think about. Finding a groomer, choosing the perfect balanced diet and making sure every doggy need is tended to, isn’t always an easy task!

Our aim is to constantly grow and develop Poochd to provide you with everything you can think of for caring for your dog all in one place. No more hunting around for local recommendations and worrying about making the right choices. You can even use Poochd to get in contact with the business you need through our direct message option. Easy peasy!


Poochd was started by dog lover, Carly…

“Hi and Welcome J

My idea for Poochd was born from a pure and unconditional love for dogs. I adore them. Big or small, young or old, dogs are the best. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that I love dogs more than I love most humans…

I’ve always had dogs from when I was very young and my first dog as a proper grown up has brought me more love than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to give her the best possible life and provide her with the best care I could, but sometimes this was a challenge. Where could I buy the best food for her? Where should I take her for training, for grooming, to stay when I go on holiday? The list goes on.

Then the idea came to me – an online platform where I can collaborate with the industry leaders and experts in all things doggy. The best local vets, trainers, nutritionists – everyone who would be involved in making my fury babies life as healthy and happy as possible.

I strongly believe that my purpose is to change the way the world treats and cares for dogs. It’s something that’s deep within my heart. I have a duty to make an impact, to end suffering, to end cruelty, to end dog fighting and to generally give dogs a better life. It’s my passion, my reason for being.

So what does this mean for Poochd? With love, hard work and determination it will grow globally, and through our success and exposure, we will save thousands of dogs and improve the lives of many more.

I have big dreams and big visions, so come along and join me.

Let’s change the way the world treats dogs, we have a duty and it’s time to step up.”


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