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If you’re off on holiday or away for work, finding the perfect home-from-home for your beloved fur baby can be stressful. Perhaps you’ve had a family emergency, a trip to hospital, or you’re having work done on your house. Whatever the reason, you can rely on Poochd to find the perfect local pet sitter.

Home dog boarding is a particularly popular option because as it allows your dog to stay with a host family for the entire time you’re away. Your chosen family feeds, walks and looks after your furry friend just as carefully as you do.

We recommend home dog boarding as the optimum choice. There are no cages or segregation which you’re likely to find in kennels, and your pup will get plenty of one-on-one attention and fuss. You also get more choice and flexibility. If your dog likes to play with other pups, pick a family that also ready has a sociable dog to play with. If he or she is rather large and boisterous, choose a family where there are no young children perhaps.

Home boarding is also ideal for very young or very old dogs, as well as those with special needs. This is because you can choose the most loving, safe and suitable environment where all your pet’s needs are considered. 

Dog Boarding


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How does home dog boarding work?

Firstly, you’ll need to have a good look around for a host in your area who is available when you need them and who most meets your needs – and of course, the needs of your pup too! Get in touch with them and arrange to meet them so you can find out more about each other and any other pets that may already be part of their family. If you’re comfortable to do so, it is also worth doing a trial stay to see how your dog gets on.

Doggy home boarding - things to remember

  • When you drop your pooch off, bring everything he/she will need such as food, any medication, bed, lead, and familiar things like toys and blankets.
  • Tell your host if there is anything important they should know about your dog, such as any allergies, funny little habits, or things that frighten them.
  • Give the family an emergency mobile number and the details of your dog’s vet, just in case.
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