Dog walking

Walking your dog at least once or twice a day is a great way for them (and you!) to socialise, as well as burn off some energy and stay fit and healthy.

If you feel your pet would benefit from some extra walking, or you’re struggling to always find the time to walk him or her yourself, why not find the perfect local dog walker through Poochd?

Why do dogs need regular walks?

Walking provides the chance for some exercise and socialisation, but also plenty of sniffs. Dogs discover the world largely through their noses, and relish the chance to smell flowers, bushes and of course dog wee – and just about anything! It also of course gives them the opportunity to go to the toilet and water plenty of lamp posts!

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How do I find the perfect dog walker?

Use our local search to find some good local dog walkers and make a list of a few you like the look of. Then arrange for both you and your pup to meet the dog walker and get to know them, as well as any other dogs they may be walking at the same time.

Helpful dog walking hints

  1. If you’ve arranged for the dog sitter to do the picking up and dropping off of your dog, make sure you’ve given them a key
  2. Either give them or tell them where they can find your pup’s lead, food, poo bags and toys
  3. Provide the dog walker with a summary of your dog’s behaviour in certain situations (e.g. when encountering strangers, male or female dogs, bicycles …) and – very important! – share any cues your dog knows
  4. Be clear about things like how long you usually walk your dog for, whether you’re happy for them to be off the lead, and whether they have any bad habits like eating discarded food!

Looking for a Dog Walker near you?

You can find local Dog Walker near you by searching your location here – we’re here to help.

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