Doggie day care

Sometimes you might have an extra-long working day ahead of you, or an especially long day out. When you use a good quality local doggie day care through Poochd, you know your pup will be safely looked after in the home of somebody else for the day; plenty of food and fuss whilst you’re away – what could be better?!

Why choose doggy day care?

Dogs are social animals and they’re prone to loneliness and boredom. This can then show itself in anxious or destructive behaviour, such as whining, barking or destroying your furniture!

Very young or very old dogs in particular may also need to be let out for the toilet regularly and will find it distressing if there’s nobody around to do this.


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How do I find a good doggy day care?

At Poochd we have a great choice of local, reputable day care facilities for you to choose from. Once you’ve found some you like, make a shortlist and contact them to arrange a meet up. Take your pup along too so you can all get to know each other, and if the dog sitter already has a pet of their own is a good chance to become acquainted with them too!

Helpful doggy day care hints:

  1. If you’ve arranged for the dog sitter to do the picking up and dropping off of your dog, make sure you’ve given them a key
  2. Either give them or tell them where they can find your pup’s lead, food, poo bags and toys
  3. Let your dog sitter know of any issues with your dog, such as health needs, likes and dislikes, food intolerances or allergies
  4. Is there anything specific you would like the dog sitter to do with your dog, for example some training or a particular activity. Find out if they have anything in mind for the day, such as a trip to the beach or park.
  5. Is it just going to be your dog the sitter has for that day, or will there be others? If so, has your pooch had the chance to meet the others safely beforehand?

Looking for Doggy Day Care near you?

You can find local Doggy Day Care near you by searching your location here (link to search) – we’re here to help.

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